Creating a Community of Caring 

      ​James L. Maher Center

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The James L. Maher Center provides a broad range of participant services developed over the years as a natural outgrowth of our fundamental mission to provide support and opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities.
Our focus is always concern for and respect for our participants as individuals. Our programs are designed to help each participant to become more independent and productive and to integrate more fully into their local communities.
To ensure that each participant progresses in the areas in which their needs dictate, we customize our residential, vocational/educational and therapeutic services to support the specific needs of that individual, always with appropriately trained staff and ongoing monitoring.

The Maher Center reaches out to adults with developmental disabilities, no matter what challenges they face throughout their lives, including those experiencing the added complications of aging, such as Alzheimer's disease.

Our employment program was among the first in Rhode island to offer meaningful employment to people with developmental disabilities.  This program has grown and expanded over the years and as a result, many participants become productive citizens and taxpayers, rather than being a tax burden. 

Our Services to Participants and the Community