Creating a Community of Caring 

      ​James L. Maher Center

The Integrated Community Employment Program prepares Maher Center participants to be responsible, productive employees. 

Once a participant steps onto the "Road to Employment" the employment team makes a commitment to the participant to ensure his/her success.

This road has many stops along the way beginning with a personalized plan that is created with the assistance of his/her support coordinator.  From there, the job developer and certified job coaches prepare the participant to enter the job field by providing opportunities to volunteer, experience vocational explorations, and internships.  Specialized training and soft skills are introduced while involved with the job club.

Presently, the Maher Center participants are employed throughout the community. They volunteer at many non-profits.  They work as housekeepers, laundry attendants, janitors, child care attendants, lawn care workers and in kitchens, grocery stores and auto dealerships, where they are actively engaged in the community with support of the Maher team. 

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Integrated Community Employment 

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