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The Maher Center Day Program gives participants the chance to "go to work," like so many of their neighbors and family members. Having a job helps to raise participants' self-esteem and provides them some spending money so that they feel more financially independent.

The program provides a safe, supervised place where adults with developmental disabilities can receive the support they require plus opportunities to socialize and receive therapeutic support.

Participants employed in the program, which is licensed through the Rhode Island Department of Labor, have the opportunity to work at their own pace at tasks commensurate with their abilities.

The program is the main producer of a number of the 
business services the Maher Center offers to area businesses and organizations, including industrial laundry services

In a typical day, more than 150 participants

participate in the Day Program in a safe,

supportive, social environment.
The Maher Center Day Program is offered in 

Middletown RI.

For more information, please call 401-846-4600.

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