The Maher Center offers a variety of services to businesses looking for quality work at a reasonable cost. The individuals with developmental disabilities that comprise our work force are proud of the work they do. They're motivated by the opportunity to be employed, to be engaged as fully as possible in life experiences and to live their lives with dignity and respect.

Some 100 Maher Center participants with developmental disabilities typically are employed among the various contract services.  All employees are closely supervised, receive ongoing job training and are mentored by an individual job coach.

Contract Services

We offer a variety of services, primarily to state and federal government entities, on a large-scale, contract basis. These services are also available to and applicable to the operations of many businesses and educational institutions. 

These services include:

Commercial laundry services, both customer owned goods and rental goods:

Northeast Linen & Laundry Service, for example, processes some 850,000 pounds of laundry annually for customers such as the U.S. Navy in Groton, CT, Portsmouth, NH and Newport, RI.  We also service the State of Rhode Island to include the University of Rhode Island and Roger Williams University as well as the Veterans Home in Bristol. 

Janitorial services:
Our janitorial teams provide services to the Naval War College (NWC), the Surface Warfare Officers School (SWOS) and the Naval Underwater War Center (NUWC) with a high level of "spit & polish." We also serve the Naval Hospital Clinic New England (NHCNE) to demanding medical standards. 

 To learn more about Maher Center contracting services and discuss how we can serve you, please contact:

Russell Struble, Director of Business Operations

 (401) 846-4600 x3115,

Business Services

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